Aftermarket ECU’s

If you have a full wire in or plug in aftermarket ECU we can assist you with your tuning requirements.  Aftermarket ECU’s have their advantages and disadvantages.

If setup right you can get the car running nearly like stock with an aftermarket ecu, however this does take a lot more time to setup and a lot of people don’t bother with getting the engine to idle well.

If we can get an engine with high compression, ITB’s, large injectors, lightweight flywheel, high overlap cams running like stock from cold on a TPS only map, I am sure we can arrange to get your car purring like a kitten.

We have experience with the Link Range of ECU’s (excluding GDI variants).  If you have an aftermarket ECU, have the cables to connect to it and the software is available we will be more than willing to take a look at tuning your Vehicle, however if we have not used that software previously just beware that your tune may take longer than usual to get running right.