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Bosch EV14 630cc Injector

$99.00 NZD inc. GST

In stock

SKU: Bosch-630 Category:


Genuine Bosch EV14 60mm injectors rated at 630cc (at 45 PSi).

these Injectors are the medium length Injectors (48mm)
These are genuine Bosch factory injectors and have not been modified.

Due to their spray pattern these are more suited to multi valve engines. These injectors may have some variance straight out of the package +/- 2% but not likely .

Injector dead times supplied with purchase.

14mm to 11mm adapter hats and either EV1, Keihin or Denso adapter plugs are available if required.

great upgrade for Turbo Honda, high power NA honda on e85 and/or with ITB’s or even turbo MX5. May also fit Mitsubishi’s nissans and many other engines such as Audi, VW etc.

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