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Honda OBD1 Socketed ECU

$400.00$450.00 NZD inc. GST

Honda OBD1 Socketed / chipped ECU

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All ecu’s have VTEC capability and have had all Electrolytic Capacitors replaced for added reliability.
The Electrolytic Capacitors are replaced as a preventative measure as the original ones are likely past their service lifetime (usually around 2000 hours) and will degrade and eventually leak Damaging the board.

Actual Ecu may vary slightly from the photo’s and all ecu’s are tested before being shipped.

Current stock are large case vtec converted ecu’s

due to supply constraints stock is currently severely limited, and the increased cost can no longer be absorbed. pricing will fluctuate depending on the actual cost of the ECU.

The basemap will be custom made to your car and is based off existing tuned maps that have been tested and used for years, this is not some off the shelf chip.

There is also a header installed for datalogging capability via Bluetooth to your android device via the Tuneview For Android app from the Play Store.
bluetooth device available upon request at extra cost.

Additional information


D15b, D16a, B16A, B16B, B18CR, B18C, H22A

ECU Type

JDM (Square Case), NZDM (Rectangle Case), IAB or PWM functionality

Bluetooth Module

Yes, No

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