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Bluetooth Module for OBD1 Honda ECU

$99.00 NZD inc. GST

TTL Serial to Bluetooth module for OBD1 ECU Datalogging

v2 is currently no longer offered.

Out of stock

SKU: BTModv2 Category:


This Version of the Module is no longer offered, a Compact Replacement version is available Bluetooth Module for OBD1 Honda ECU

Serial to Bluetooth Slave module setup for Datalogging via the CN2 header within the factory honda OBD1 ecu.

This will allow you to datalog via the Tunerview Android device (check to see if your ecu software is supported) or direct to your Laptop / Tablet (if bluetooth and software supports it)

This Bluetooth Module has a range of up to 30m. i have tested this module will work when mounted inside the factory ECU with the device receiving the bluetooth signal from 15 meters away.

this device is Bluetooth v2.1 compliant.
Options are available for cables to suit small or large case ecus.

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