Force10 Supply Returning to normal

As ethanol supply has started returning to normal Gull Force10 Supply is now back at the stations it was temporarily replaced by 95 at. It is also worth noting that E85 is no longer available at the pumps at the stations it was previously at, so you If your ECU was tuned for E85 only, then you will need to arrange retunes for your vehicle, or be prepared to have to arrange purchase of E85 by the barrel.

Our Services going forward

We are currently working out what the Governments New Definitions of the COVID-19 alert levels will mean for our work, at level 4 we can continue to supply essentials (such as spark plugs).

At level 3 some work can resume such as supplying ECU’s within NZ and Site installations and repairs for essential items may continue. (while maintaining distancing and surface cleaning etc.)

International Shipping may be able to take place from Level 3 onwards but there may be delays.

Tuning will require some extra planning and will likely only be able to take place under alert level 2 at the earliest. along with added precautions.

once the Covid-19 alert level timelines have been confirmed we will be able to update you on our plan for how our new normal will work.

Some Parts deemed an Essential service

Car parts have been deemed an essential service so we can now deliver to those that are in need of spark plugs to repair their car in order to complete their essential services such as going to their essential work, or collecting their shopping.

If you do complete a purchase during lockdown you will have to put into the notes on the order page why it is essential and we will then process your order. Courier times may be delayed as pickups are not as frequent during this time.

COVID-19 Lockdown discount available, use the code ‘lockdown’ at checkout to receive 5% off.

Service Update

Due to the COVID-19 status update from the NZ government In person consultatations will not be taking place, if you require IT assistance that cannot be completed remotely, URGENT on location calls may be accepted in order to maintain essential services , however Personal Protection processes will need be in place such as personal distancing and sanitisation of surfaces.

All tuning is to be suspended until further notice due to the government response to COVID-19 as this is a closed space with extended contact within the confined area. This only applies to in person tunes not Basemaps or ECU services provided via postal services.

All orders cannot be shipped – Unless you have a essential services exemption – you will need to email through / add a note to your order for us to be able to attempt to arrange delivery. For local orders we may be able to arrange delivery a little easier.

INTERNATIONAL Orders cannot be accepted until further notice as there is no way of posting these items due to the shutdown.

There may be delays in postal services. Courier delays are beyond our control. Reminder our stocktake Coupon is still valid so take 5% off all items in the shop by adding the coupon code ‘stocktake’ to your cart before checkout – Coupon expires 31-3-2020

i would suggest to pay for your orders Via PayPal – these funds are then held in PayPal and if for any reason the order is not able to be completed a refund can easily be processed.

Take Care.

New Payment options

We are now accepting Paypal as a payment option for your shopping cart. This will allow you to use a supported Credit / Debit card to complete your order. (Automated Checkout currently only available for NZ Based customers as Overseas shipping needs to be calculated on a case by case basis. – once shipping is confirmed for International customers then payment can be completed.)